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Minecraft PE 0.8.0 is still a long way off, Minecraft PE 0.7.0 is only being released in late april 2013.

The 0.8.0 update is expected to be a very good update, it will bring many more features such as:


And Much More!

What are the features?

Release Date: June 2013 (Expected)

Other information: This post will be updated regularly with the latest information there is.

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  1. i had to.download.full minecraft off of 4 shared and it wont.let me update minecraft.so wat should.i do

  2. cool if they do have caves maybe we can find a one if those dungons it all coverd in mosy brick

  3. Will 0.8.0 have the end….the pocket edition also needs caverns and more dimond, because i have only found like five dimond in my seed

    • use the seed 0.5.0 and dig straight down one block from were u spawn and get a stone pick and dig down from were u spawn first u will find iron then gold and finnaly diamond and then dupe it

  4. Colin if you want the update go to 4shared and search the version thats have i get the new updates

  5. u should make minecraft pe just like the computer version but touch screen because its boring just having this stuff u need more stuff in creative and survival.:-)

    • I think that the next update should make emeralds stronger than diamonds and u could craft them into emerald swords pick axes hoes shovels and armour and I have a great idea for a new mob you should put ogres or Cyclops also u should add herobrine to pe forever and more bug fixes and before u completely ignore this I would just like to say please and thank u.
      : )

  6. Vilagers slimes wolves redstone minecarts?? AMAZING!!
    Canr wait plus i hope the full verision realmas comes out sune for 0.7.0!!

  7. here’s a list of the features I’d like in the next update or two:
    Player names
    Infinite or at least larger maps
    Enderman and endear pearls
    Animal breeding
    Tall grass
    In game music
    Proper damage sounds (like the PC version)
    Better render distance
    More spawn eggs
    Pumpkins and jack o lanterns
    And maybe enchanting?
    If Mojang adds these features I will be very happy:D

    • Things that will be available as an option due to slow devices or need more time P= added as an Option T= Need more time:
      Caves (P)
      Enchanting (T)
      Tall grasses (Might be in the next update)
      In game music (P)
      Better Render Distance (P)
      Infinte or large maps (P)
      Skins (T)
      Player names already add it!
      Spawn Eggs for monster might be added in the next update!
      The Rest NEEDS more TIME so be PATIENT!!!

  8. I need slime they so cute 🙂 i like want to hug them.
    I also need enderman, totally not because he tall, but i know he will griffe my house

  9. i am a big time fan of endermen so if they don’t have it in pocket edition i will freak out

  10. redstone
    craft like pc
    more mobs
    monster eggs

    • So you can get free diamonds? Nooooob Find it. 4×4-5×5 hole about 80 blocks in one direction and you will find TONS of ore. Just don’t forget to light it up as you go.

  11. Pressure plates, ender portal, better fire, shearing sheep, setting animals on fire, pistons, finding obsidian in caves, mob spawners, being able to make portals to the neather then to ur house and other people’s house without haveing to go through the same one.

  12. Mob spawner eggs, being able to play multiplayer without being in realms, being able to change from creative to survival, to adventure.

  13. I have already the 0.7.0 from 4Shared. When 0.8.0 comes on 4Shared i go to download him.

  14. add more to creative like bedrock and ice and Superflat and stuff
    the things in the video are nice too


  16. Switching game modes like /gamemode 1 or /gamemode 0 that would be awesome also did i do they game mode thing right?

  17. Does the online multiplayer from the last update work properly? I’ve tried it and it doesn’t work. I have a Mojang account (I only made an account to play this) and I didn’t see any servers. Is that supposed to happen? PLEASE HELP ME!!

  18. I really want fishing, breeding, wolves, and other stuff, but in the next update I would be content with just villagers and villages.

    • They will have those features soon. Breeding should come pretty soon. They already have baby animals which is a good sign.


    • I agree. I’m too slow! I need to get away
      from skellies fast enough! Also, I need to
      be able to sneak for…

      I dunno. The point is, I… I-I-I…
      I just want MCPE to look good.

      Also, HOW do you play on online

  19. Pls put herobrine, fishing. Herobrine. Nether portal. Caves. Rails. And breeding and village too

  20. I don’t know the excact date but ive heard that the next update is coming around December 2013 to June 2014

  21. Also the games ai hasnt been tested yet so we probably won’t have villagers untill the update after 0.8.0

  22. Saddles and carrots on sticks JUST came out on pc! Why would they already put it on pe! And they would probably not have cars because minecraft’s setting is long ago

  23. MCPE should get a exclusive mob and I need enchanting and bigger worlds because killing mobs for items isn’t very good getting XP as well would make it better more mobs potions ender chests redstone and portals would be EPIC

  24. OMG: NOT GOING TO HAPPEN AT AL!!! NEED TO UPDATE YOUR INFORMATION ABOUT THIS! I don’t want any bullcrap like this.

  25. I cant wait this game have release on 2 of 1 november i cant waitttttt i have minecraft for pc 1.6.2 cooly horses oh yeahahh

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  27. I think they spend to much time on pc I myself cannot afford a laptop to get the pc version I just hope they do it soon and is there an exact date 0.8.0 is supposed to come out just asking please respond thanks

  28. I’m so exiting but when it’s come
    It’s last of november ?
    What featured will come?
    Is it ice block,flint and stell,pumpkin,compas, enderman,and new mobs in creative will come or not?
    Wish it’s fast

    • It takes time to code in a bunch of things! And, you need to be patient and stop being selfish! They are trying their best to give you Minecraft on a device! I addition, adding nether portals and the end and biomes will crash and lag the heck out of your device!