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Wheat farms are possibly the easiest way in Minecraft Pocket Edition to get food that boosts your hearts on survival mode.

You will need a flat piece of grass land, if you don’t have this on your particular seed you can mine 64 soil/grass blocks and place them all to make a flat square.

You will need:

  • Lots of Stone Hoes, the more you have the more wheat seeds you can get!

To get wheat seeds you need to travel around your world and hoe as much grass as possible, every time you hoe a piece of grass a wheat seed may or may not pop up, when it does go and collect it!

A Grass seed on hoed grass.

A Grass seed on hoed grass. Sorry for the darkness.

Once you have collected around 64 wheat seeds, go to your prepared farm land, this needs to be a flat piece of grass land.

Then all you need to do is hoe the land and plant the seed, one block at a time. You may want to fence the land around it off or you may want to add lighting, but its not necessary.

Once all of this has done you just need to wait until all the wheat has grown, it does take quite a while to grow, you will know when its grown as it will look like this –

images (1)


Once it has grown you can hoe it again and you will get wheat in your inventory. You can’t eat this wheat, you need to turn it into bread, to do this you need to go on your crafting table and turn it into bread there. Each loaf of bread requires 3 stacks of wheat. When hoeing the grown wheat you will also get more wheat seeds, you can hoe the land again and replant these.

You can see my wheat farm here:

photo 1

photo 2
photo 3


Overall wheat farms are an easy source to get food and gain hearts when you have fallen or been attacked by nocturnal monsters. Soon we will produce a short video of us building a wheat farm! So stay tune for that! If you have any questions comment below!

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