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Many People Want to find a flat minecraft seed.


Having a flat land to build on is the key to building massive buildings on minecraft, if there are mountains in the way, it can become a struggle as its hard to clear them.




Best Flat Seed: Flattering

image (5)


My “Flat World” House

image (3)

My Mansion

image (2)


image (1)



This seed is perfect for any city builder! It will really help you.

Seed Name: Flattering

(Note: Its a CAPITAL F)

If you have any other flat world seeds, comment below!



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  1. i have the full version of minecraft pocket edition and i tried the seed “flattering” and it was definitaly not flat there were many hills and large hills and beachs and not flat

    • Its not “flattering” its “Flattering” Its a capital “F” I hope this helps, please read more closely next time.

    • there is an epic seeds fill the blank with number 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999 until it covers the blank. It is great there is mountain group of mountains surrounded in low grounds. I wish there is minecart in minecraft pe.

  2. well there is blank which is the same thing and jhonny golden apple whitch so far is the only reletively flat land thats not ice lolz me used big words :P

  3. Hey guys,
    There is a seed called jpgaming all lower case. Also if you dig straight underground on jpgaming you will find DIAMOND!

  4. I found the most epic place in the world!!! type: nyan
    all lowercase! Their is lava falls, water falls, 100X100 blocks through a mountain! IM NOT KIDDING! It’s so beautiful ;)

  5. Wonder to use that since 0.8.1! Good also for an 0.8.0 review map, rollercoaster, city, mansions, hotels, villages, houses, and even an expressway!

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