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Many People Want to find a flat minecraft seed.


Having a flat land to build on is the key to building massive buildings on minecraft, if there are mountains in the way, it can become a struggle as its hard to clear them.




Best Flat Seed: Flattering

image (5)


My “Flat World” House

image (3)

My Mansion

image (2)


image (1)



This seed is perfect for any city builder! It will really help you.

Seed Name: Flattering

(Note: Its a CAPITAL F)

If you have any other flat world seeds, comment below!



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  1. This is sooo cool! Although its annoying on ice because if you dig downwards you always get flooded with water, and this is soooooooo annoying in survival! But for creative this seed is brilliant!

  2. This is an old seed. Now with 0.9.0, you can make a flat also INFINITE (endless!) world by clicking the ‘advanced’ button then select as you like.