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This is a post on the top 10 best Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds yet!

We have spent hours carefully reviewing seeds for Minecraft Pocket Edition this Top 10 List contain seeds that a perfect for both Survival and Creative.

All seeds in the list we have been on and explored, we have then put them in rank order 1-10.

I hope you enjoy reading this post!


10 – 21Chicken

Full of caves, waterfalls, and massive mountains. It’s a great seed for exploration and it will keep you entertained for hours!



9 – 0.4.0

This seed is ACE for survival, when you dig down from where you spawn, you find lots of iron then lots of gold and diamonds.

0.4.0 minecraft pe seed


8 – $hit (Replace the $ with an S)

This seed has large snow-capped mountains and a small volcano!

shit seed


7 – rick

This seed is flat and there isnt many hills, It’s great for building things on creative, but not so good for survival.

rick minecraft seed


6 – sandy

This seed has the perfect mix of everything! Its great for survival as there is iron and trees everywhere!





5 – Flattering

This seed is VERY FLAT! Most of it is made of ice, its PERFECT for building anything on creative, there is no need to clear ground.

flat minecraft seed



4 – jawayy

This seed has got lots of mountains and loads of visible ore such as coal, it also has a cool land bridge connecting 2 mountains!




3 – waterland

This seed has some of the tallest mountains on any seed, it also has floating land and a waterfall, aswell as lots of lakes under mountains.




2 – TeaTime

This seed consists of low sand levels with lots of lakes and tall stone mountains and lots of caves, its perfect for survival!

teatime seed


1 – Nyan

This seed is PERFECT! It has volcanoes, waterfalls, and HUGE mountains. My main survival world is on this seed, I have thrived. If you dig under the waterfalls directly you will find diamonds and iron.

nyan seed minecraft pe



If you have any more seed suggestions please leave them in the comments section below –






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  1. I have discovered a fue grate seeds

    xp n3 has easy diamond and villages
    IPod has lava and a water fall right next to each one
    And a cool seed EPIC it has a little chunk of land witch is dimond

  2. the easy crew is awesome but i forgot if it had spaces or not so sorry but if u get the right one once you get ALOT of ladders lost of stone pikaxes and 2 or 3 iron dont use iron unless you see redstone or dimond there is ALOT of both if ur in the correct place

  3. Try out 12345kapow , it doesnt have any waterfalls or lava falls, but it does have tis great lake surronded by mountains, and a naturally formed bridge

  4. Im a lord so try this seed jpgaming when you spawn dig stright dow antill bed rock you will find good ores even gold and diamonds

  5. Try this seed now!

    blank (all small letters)

    It has cool features! Waterfalls, mountains, small flat ice land, and more!

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  7. Another seed is johnny appleseed it you spawn in 4 villages with blacksmiths that have emerald,bread,gold,and iron boots.

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