Hey guys! The map creators contest has come to a close, and that means it is time to share the winning map with you all! The creator of the winning design is Cajun Miner, and his map is called Ultima. Take a look at the map and download it below!

Like mentioned above, this map is called Ultima, and it features a load of castles, buildings and areas within a unique fantasy city!

You may have seen a couple of designs like this before – Cajun Miner has sent in this building for example, but he has never shown us the whole world. This entire map has been in creation for a very long time now!

I highly recommend checking out all of the different castles and buildings. Once you have, you should come back here and let us know what you think!

Cajun Miner has thought about so many small details you wouldn’t expect to see in most designs. He has included different, unique areas, including a graveyard!

Download this map here: https://gust.box.com/s/gv8ywfamqqns8jcbopgsa24551mpis1p

What about my map?

Don’t worry, if you entered into this contest you will have your design shared in the very near future, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled!

I don’t know how to upload maps!

If you couldn’t enter this contest because you didn’t know how to upload maps, don’t worry. We are preparing some very easy to follow tutorials that will help you to upload and install your maps! These videos will be for both Android and iOS!

I hope you’re ready for this! We are about to finish off our 0.11.0 update preview! This post will feature a bunch of new things that will be making their way to Minecraft Pocket Edition. Whilst these features aren’t 100% confirmed, it is very likely that they will come to 0.11.0!

Pressed Dirt

village 0.9.0

In 0.11.0, villages will be getting a makeover. A brand new road block has been added specifically for villages. These will be used to replace the stone or wood roads found in pre-generated villages. On top of making villages look better, these will add a new block for building!



Fishing is a feature that came out of nowhere. So far we know that we will be able to go fishing for standard fish and salmon! Both types of fish can be cooked and eaten to regain food!

Redstone Blocks


Redstone blocks will be coming to update 0.11.0. Unfortunately they cannot be used because redstone logic still does not work. This is still one more step towards redstone in MCPE, though!


Embedded image permalink

Bats are friendly mobs that come out at night. In the day, bats can often be found sleeping in caves or dark areas. Bats don’t really affect gameplay in any way, but it will help to make your world feel a little more alive at night.

Cave Spider


You might be okay with exploring caves with bats about, but what about cave spiders? These nasty mobs will climb walls and attack you when you explore underground! Cave spiders can also deal poison damage!

Iron Shovel

First when you dig down no more than 10 blocks you will reach iron.

This is a small feature, but iron shovels will be added to creative mode!

Hey guys! It is time to do another 0.11.0 preview! As the last few weeks have gone by, more and more features have been announced for the upcoming update. There are now so many features that it is going to take me two parts to explain each of the new things coming to 0.11.0. In this post I shall share some of the most known upcoming 0.11.0 features, and after that I will be sharing the features that some people aren’t so sure about..



This is the big one! This is the feature that we have all wanted for ages! Since 0.9.0, we have known that skins were coming, and 0.11.0 will finally introduce them to Minecraft Pocket Edition. Skins will allow players to show their true colors and dress up as any character they want! We will definitely be sharing a bunch of skins once they are introduced to the game.

Creative/Survival Switch

pc creative

Do you want to be able to quickly switch between survival and creative mode? A lot of players have wanted this feature for a while, and it will be making it’s way to 0.11.0. Whilst it will make it more difficult to manage survival contests like SAS, it will allow more creative freedom for players who originally started their worlds on survival.



Boats. Boats. Boats. I can’t wait! We have seen so much about boats recently, and we know that they are going to be even better than the PC ones! We will even be able to have two people in a boat at once when 0.11.0 is released!

Make sure to come back later today! In two hours we will be posting the follow up to this post. We’ll be talking about a new friendly mob, a new way to get food, and progress on a feature we have been waiting for, for a very long time.

Hey guys! I have a really awesome design that I would like to share with you all today! This design has been created by Raymondplays and it features a large building that has a cave built into it! A lot of the building is underground.

In the first image, which is shown below, the base can be seen from the outside.

Here is a look at the inside of the cave base. As you can see the entirety of this cave has been turned into a base and it looks amazing! There are a load of different rooms to explore, all of which have been dug out manually by Raymondplays.

image5 (25)

The next image shows off the main floor of the cave base once you are underground. The size of this base is crazy! It is also more impressive when you consider that all of this was built on survival mode by just one person!

Some of the rooms in the base are a little more decorated than others. Take this room shown below for example. The walls are made out of fancy stone that can only be found underground, and the floor is made out of acacia wood planks. Gold ore blocks have been left in some spots to add to decoration. I’m assuming Raymondplays found these ores whilst mining and built the room around them!

image4 (37)

Here is another view of the cave base!

image3 (49)

What did you all think of this design? Please feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Hey guys! Today I shall be announcing the next seed for the sixth 0.10.0 survive a seed challenge. This challenge will include a seed that is very, very difficult to survive on! In this seed, you will have just two trees, and very little land to use. I’m not expecting to see huge fancy designs from this challenge, but I’d love to see how far those two trees can go! Take a look at the seed below. Thanks goes to BjankyMiner for finding this great seed!

Seed name: 010t00

Seed type: Old world

In the first image of this seed, which can be seen below, the center of the world has been shown off. As you can see, a lot of this seed is covered in water! All of the world has been flooded, and there are very few pieces of land above water. This image shows off the only two trees you’ll be able to find in this seed.

In the next image, another area of this seed has been shown. This image showcases a large mesa mountain that is sticking out of the ground. This is the only considerable amount of useable blocks in the entire map, so you may want to collect some sand from this place to build a house.

This challenge is not going to be easy! I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

To enter this contest, please follow these rules –

Create your best design on the seed 0to100

Please play on survival mode

Choose Old world

Take screenshots of your designs!

Send in your screenshots to submissions@minecraftpecheats.com

Please include your username

Submit your design before Saturday, 7th March.