Hey guys! For the last post of the day, I have a pretty nice mansion design that I would like to share with you all. The special thing about this mansion is that it has a nice tree house in it too! Take a look at the design below!

In the first image, the design can be seen! This design is quite interesting because it has been built out of blocks you wouldn’t usually expect a mansion to be built out of. One of these houses has been created with acacia wood blocks and wood logs, whilst the other has been built out of bricks. In real life, bricks are used a lot, but they aren’t used that often in Minecraft Pocket Edition.


Here is a first look at the tree house! Instead of building into or around the tree trunk, the creator of this design has added a load of leaves and built inside the leaves! He has even cut out some holes in the leaves for windows!


In the next image, an interesting walkway area is shown off. I’m assuming that this walkway connects the tree house with the rest of the design.


And finally, here is a look at a more traditional mansion design! This place has been built out of quartz blocks and glass, and I think  it looks pretty awesome!


Thanks goes to Caseyrr for sending in this design! What did you all think of it? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Hey guys! You may have remembered that recently a new developer joined the Minecraft Pocket Edition team, and whilst we haven’t seen too many screenshots from him so far, he has already settled in to the Mojang office and has been hard at work over the last few weeks. He has been set the task to fix lots of bugs, which is perfect!

A lot of delays for previous updates have been because of bugs, so now that the new developer has joined Minecraft Pocket Edition, we can hopefully see updates being pushed out sooner without as many delays.

So what has the new developer done so far? One of the things he has done is re-open the bug tracker. This allows players to submit bugs they have come across and then the developers can view them and fix them! So far, the new developer has fixed a bunch of different bugs from this system!


Going forward, it looks like this new developer will be the guy we can rely on for fixing issues and bugs! Before we didn’t have a dedicated bug fixer so I think this is definitely a good thing for Minecraft Pocket Edition.


The new developer doesn’t just fix bugs either! Recently he has been working on adding a bit more depth to the player kicking system – if you are the owner of a server, you can kick players, and soon you will be able to send messages to each player so that they know why you’ve kicked them from your server.


Are you happy to hear that the new developer is already hard at work?

Any enthusiast Minecraft farmers out there? Well if there are, you may want to check out this awesome design that I am about to show you all! TubzinKnight has just made a really cool farm design that he’s sent in to us. This farm is compact and takes up very little space, but despite this, it can fit a lot of crops on, and you’ll see why below.

One thing that was extra cool about this farm is that it was built on survival mode! In the image shown below, the farm can be seen. As you can see, this farm has been built as a three story design. One floor is on the ground, and the two other floors are above it.


Each floor has something slightly different on it.  Because crops need light to grow properly, there are a few torches on the bottom floors. The first floor has wheat, potatoes, carrots and pumpkins, and they can be seen in the picture shown below.


The next floor has cactus, melons, sugar cane and beets! Because the farm is so compact, the sugar cane and the cactus plants basically grow all the way to the roof! If you are wondering how the creator of this design get to each floor, he has built a ladder on one side of the farm, so hopefully that should explain to you how it all works.


What did you all think of this design? Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Hey guys! I have a really nice seed to share with you all today. This seed features a rather large village right next to the spawn area, and in the village you will find a few things worth visiting, especially on survival mode! There is also a medium sized forest near spawn too! Take a look at the seed below.

Seed name: 14827309

In the first image of this seed, the village can be seen! This village is literally right at the spawn area! This village has a variety of different buildings in it, one of which is a blacksmith! This is probably the best place to stop off first when you start up this seed. I’d suggest checking out the chest in the blacksmith if you are playing on survival mode.

image2 (15)

There is something in this seed that is really interesting. In the picture shown below, you can see exactly what I mean! The blacksmith is pretty cool, but I’m not talking about that. In fact, I’m talking about a glitched house that has generated. In the image shown below, the house is shown, and only half of it has generated!

image3 (16)

You’ll also finds lots of farms in this village, so food shouldn’t be much of a problem for quite a long time.

image1 (17)

And of course, there is a forest nearby that should definitely be checked out!

image4 (14)

Thanks goes to Catlover09 for sending in this seed! I really appreciate it! Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions of this seed in the comments section below.