Hey everyone! Today I have a pretty cool seed to share with you all! This seed is mostly filled with a big grass biome, although about a quarter of the seed is also covered with snow, which adds a bit of variety to the entire world. There is a really interesting overhang area with a waterfall in, and lots of rolling green hills! I think this seed is quite nice, and it might prove to be useful for some of you out there. Anyway, below you can see the seed name, as well as a bunch of pictures of the seed – Hopefully you like it!

Seed name: cheetahprint

The picture shown below pretty much captures the entire seed! In one corner, there is a nice collection of trees. On the corner opposite to that, the trees are more spread out, and with a bit of work this area could be great for building a big home or base because the land over that side is quite flat. In the middle of this world, the terrain starts to get very hilly, and then on the other side of the hills there is a big snow biome!


Here’s a look at the big patch of trees – this will be the best place to gather resources from.


The snow biome is also pretty cool, and would be great for building a cool snow themed house on!


This is my favorite part of the seed – right in the edge of both of the snow biome and the grass biome there is a small overhang that can be used as a tunnel, and a waterfall alongside it.


So what are your opinions of this seed? I thought it was quite nice – you can leave your own comments in the section below this post!

Earlier in the week, the developers working on Minecraft Pocket Edition held a special Q&A session to talk about their plans for the game, and where they’d like to see it go in the future. Lots of interesting information was shared and talked about, and although a release date wasn’t revealed, it was pretty clear at the time that it won’t be too long before update 0.9.0 is finally released for us all to play.

0.9.0 screenshot

One of the most exciting pieces of news that came from the Q&A session is that the developers revealed they are planning to release a full gameplay video showing off update 0.9.0 in all of it’s glory! The video was meant to be available to watch yesterday, but after a few delays, it has since been pushed back.


Don’t worry though, although we haven’t been given the video to watch just yet, the developer do still plan to release the video, and it should either be released a little later today, or tomorrow! In the meantime, if you’re craving some new and juicy Minecraft Pocket Edition news, you could spend some time watching the Q&A session! This way you can hear all of the questions and answers as they were asked, and also pick up any information that may not have been shared in our summary.

You can watch the Q&A session video below.

I know it’s been ages now since update 0.9.0 was originally announced to come out, but it really won’t be too long before it is out now! What feature are you looking forward to the most?

Hey guys! I have two great building designs to share with you all today! These designs are worlds apart from each other, but they both look great! One of them is a nice modern house design, whilst the other is a wooden cottage design – both houses look lovely, and I’d be happy to have chance to live in either of them. Check out the designs below!

First up is the epic modern house design from SpiritDragon911 – in the picture below, the modern house can be seen against a dark night sky. This particular house is a lot larger than most modern house designs, but it still looks very nice. I really like the interesting black patterns that have been used on the wall of the building, and the waterfall is an added touch.


Here’s a look at the modern house at day time! This time it’s much easier to see the various details on the house.


Next we have the awesome wooden house design! The roof has a really awesome pattern on it that looks absolutely epic! The walls are almost completely made of glass, although wood pillars are used on the corners and to hold up the door. I also like the extra detail that has gone into the rims of the house.

photo1 (2)

There are a few rooms inside that have been split off by patterned wood walls. This picture shows the bedroom!

photo2 (2)

What do you think of these two designs, and more importantly, which type of house would you prefer to live in? Leave your answers in the comments section below!