Hey guys! I have a pretty awesome new design to share with you all today! This design isn’t over complicated or extra fancy, but instead it has a nice simple design that’s pretty easy to replicate and looks good, too! Sometimes, the most simple designs are the best in Minecraft, and I think this design is definitely one of the great simple designs out there. Take a look at it below!

In the picture below, you can see the side of the house! As you can see, this particular house has been suspended in the air by wooden stands, which I think looks pretty cool – this is easy to do, and it’s different enough to make it stand out! The main material of the house is a simple wooden plank block, but there are also other blocks used as well.


Here’s a bird’s eye view of the home! From here, you can see the main house, as well as a small outhouse area! The way the roof was built makes it look like a thatched village roof from up here which I think is really cool!


Here’s the front entrance! It’s nice and simple, but it looks alright and it’s also super easy to make on survival mode!


Here’s a look at the inside of the house! There is a nice area for crafting, creating and storing items, and then an area for the double bed! There is also a big bookshelf that adds a bit more depth to the whole building.


What do you think of this design? I personally think the house looks really nice, but you can leave your own thoughts in the comments section below!

Hey guys! Today is Tuesday, which means it’s time for another pixel art showcase! This week we’ve been sent in quite a few interesting designs, although all of them have a cartoony theme to them. For those that are wondering, winning post for the ships and airplanes design contest has been delayed for another week because there are so many designs to get through! Anyway, let’s get back to the pixel art, shall we?

First up is an awesome Kirby design from Creeperbomb6! Kirby is a Nintendo character that has his own series of games just like Mario! In the background, you may have also noticed the awesome Goomba design which was also made by Creeperbomb6!

Creeperbomb6  kirby

That guy managed to fit in with the Nintendo theme by creating his very own Yoshi pixel art! Yoshi is one of my favorite Nintendo ever, so it was great to see this! Once again, there’s a pesky Goomba skulking around in the background..

that guy yoshi

We then have the star of the show, Mario! This pixel art was made by Mike_Struble and it looks super cool! Mike has made it look like Mario is about to hit the question mark block to collect a power up.

Mario Mike_Struble

Next, we have gone back to the land of Minecraft with this awesome cow head art that was made completely out of wool!



And finally, we have the creeper head logo! – this one was made by buttercreeper5000! The logo is simple, but it is now iconic, and it’s always a nice surprise to see.buttercreeper5000 creeper

What did you think of this week’s pixel art showcase? If you’d like to send in your own pixel art, feel free to send us an email to submissions@minecraftpecheats.com! Include screenshots of your pixel art, as well as your username, and make sure to include ‘Pixel Art Tuesday’ in the email title so we can find it!

Hey guys! I have some pretty cool news to share with you all today! A little while ago I mentioned that Mooshrooms may make their way to Minecraft Pocket Edition, and whilst it wasn’t 100% confirmed at the time, it was still quite exciting to here! This week, Jeb posted up an image on Instagram that showed off a Mooshroom in Pocket Edition!


Along with the cool screenshot, Jeb mentioned that they now have Mooshrooms in Minecraft Pocket Edition – this means that they should be ready for update 0.9.0! Below I’ve explained a little about what Mooshrooms are.

What Do Mooshrooms Do?


Mooshrooms look quite similar to normal cows, however unlike cows they are red and white, and have mushrooms growing out of their heads! They are a bit strange to come across, but they are friendly, if you do spot any you don’t need to worry. If you shear a mooshroom, you collect 5 red mushrooms, and it turns into a normal cow!

Where Can Mooshrooms Be Found?


Mooshrooms can usually only be found on the rare mushroom island biome! Because mooshrooms are coming to 0.9.0, it makes sense that the mushroom island biome will come with it! This biome is really cool and looks amazing – because it is rare it can be quite enjoyable adventuring around on a quest in search of a mushroom island biome.

What do you think of this news? It’s great to see even more features being put into update 0.9.0, and I really cannot wait for the release now!

Hey everyone! I have a pretty crazy seed to share with you all today! This seed has a bunch of massive rock formations that I’ve really even seen before! It’s quite an odd seed, and I think you’ll all enjoy it! As you can guess by the seed name, this one was sent in by Swordsman108, so thanks for sending this in – it looks awesome! Check it out below.

Seed name: Swordsman108_rules_the_world!

In the picture below, you can get an idea of what most of the seed looks like. The seed is pretty much covered in rocky and hilly terrain like what is shown below, and trees are scattered all around the place. There is also a fairly large pool of water which I think actually looks quite nice in this environment.

image (70)

In this picture, you can see some of the odd terrain that I have been talking about! There are bits of dirt and rock in strange formations sticking out of the ground, and in the distance there is a huge spiky piece of ground towering above everything around it!

image (71)

Here’s a close up look at the spiky rock – it looks like it is part of a mountain that has been cut off by the edge of the world.

image (72)

And finally, here is a strange piece of terrain that can be found right in one of the corners of the world – you can actually walk underneath it which is pretty cool.

image (74)


What are your opinions on this seed? I think it looks great! You can discuss your own opinions on this seed by leaving a comment in the section below.