Hey guys! Last week’s survive a seed challenge was a great success, so today I’m going to be starting the third challenge! For those that didn’t know, the survive a seed challenge is a new contest that allows players to put their survival skills to the test! I will share seeds out every week, and you must try and make the best possible world on that seed within one week and all on survival mode!

This challenge is super fun and we’ve been sent a lot of awesome worlds! Today, I have another interesting seed for the challenge, and I think you’ll agree with me when I say that it’s going to be a little trickier to build nice, fancy designs on this seed!

Seed name: blahdistroythis

This seed may look pretty fancy, but unlike other seeds, the tree supply is pretty limited. There aren’t any trees growing on the tops of mountains, and there aren’t any growing in huge patches around the world. Instead, you’ll find a few trees scattered here and there, and you’ll have to use those trees wisely!

image (53)

A lot of the world is super sandy – maybe you could make a massive desert pyramid, or a sand themed building?

image (56)

There are a few patches of grass biome, and you’ll be able to find trees on them.

image (55)

To enter the Survive a Seed challenge, follow the instructions below -

  • You must be using the seed:  blahdistroythis
  • You must be playing on survival mode
  • You must send pictures to submissions@minecraftpecheats.com
  • Put the email title as ‘survive a seed challenge.’
  • You have till Saturday next week!

Good luck guys!

Hey guys! I have a pretty awesome new building design to share with you all today! Somebody has made a really great tavern and sent it in to our submissions email, and it looks really nice! The design is quite simple really, but the way it has been built is perfect! It would fit nicely into any kind of town, but it was originally made for a medieval village! Check out pictures of the design below!

This here is a picture showing off part of the building! In this image, you can see the kind of materials that were used to build it. As you can see, the roof has been made completely out of hay which gives it a very old feeling to it, and the wooden pillar structure on the sides of the walls also looks very old – The white color goes nicely with the rest of the house, and it’s much easier to get than any other wool when playing in survival mode, too!

image (59)

Here’s a shot of the tavern but this time it has been taken from far away. I could just imagine that this would be fit perfectly into a row of different types of houses! It is a little small though, so if you were to make one, you might want to think about making it a little wider. Alternatively, you could just use this design as a basic house design for the building in your village!

image (58)

What are your opinions on this particular design? I actually really liked it, and if I make any villages, I might base any tavern-like designs on this in the future! You can leave your own thoughts in the comments section down below.

Although update 0.9.0 is now getting finished up and ready for a release date, there are still a few changes here and there that may be added into the game and still be ready for the 0.9.0 release! One of these features was mentioned the other day on a Reddit thread, and although it’s not definite, Johan did say that he’d have a look at putting in Emeralds into Minecraft Pocket Edition on Tuesday!


So far, Johan has done a really, really good job on all of the textures for the new biomes, but there are still a few blocks that the PC version has that the Pocket Edition won’t – this includes some ore blocks such as Emerald and Redstone, and if these are added at a later point, a whole new world generation system will need to be created!

Luckily, Redstone ore is already in the game in preparation for when it can be used in the future, but Emeralds aren’t yet, but Johan may add them into 0.9.0 to save himself from doing more work in updates further down the line.


In the PC version, emeralds don’t have that much of a use, however they can be traded with villagers in return for lots of cool stuff, including diamonds! Villagers won’t be able to trade in 0.9.0, but if Emeralds are in, that means we’ll be one step closer to being able to trade with them in the future!


What do you think of this news? It’s not all that exciting, but I think it would still be quite fun to come across some Emeralds whilst mining.

Hey guys! Your week is up, and the second survive a seed challenge has come to an end! We have been sent dozens and dozens of really cool designs this week, and it was really hard to choose a winning design! However some stood out because the creators put hours and hours of time and effort into the designs! Below, I’ll showcase the winning design, but first I’d like to share a little about what Survive a Seed is about.

Survive a Seed is a new weekly post that challenges you all to try and make the best design in survival mode and only on the seed that has been shared for that particular week! These seeds are usually limited on resources, so it can be hard to build decent designs! So far, it’s been a lot of fun and I’ll be starting another one tomorrow! Now, onto the winning design!

This week, Jordan sent in a really amazing world that he has spent almost the whole week working on! I’m really impressed with the results, and I think his design is the best one this week! Here’s an image of the house from far away! On the right, Jordan has started to grow some sugar cane, and in the center of the image, there is a big fancy building!


Here’s a closer look at the building – there are plenty of windows and balconies on here! I think this looks really nice, and it would have taken a while to perfect in survival mode.


The building above isn’t the only one in this world! Here’s another one! This building looks just as cool, and could be used as a building for visitors if Jordan ever plays with his friends on this world.


And here’s another view of Jordan’s world and in this picture you can see his massive farm area!


Well done Jordan and everybody else for entering your designs! If you would like to try your luck, come back and check out the next survive a seed challenge tomorrow!